Laurel Sprague

Retail Manager

With work experience in retail and art commerce, and a master’s degree in Fine Art & Humanities, Laurel, feels right at home at SmART!  She loves helping people in her community, meeting creative people of all sorts and keeping the planet greener. 

Outside of work she enjoys being outdoors with her husband, David, and working on their latest project Split River Gallery & Studios. 

Kyle Graden

Marketing & Outreach Manager

Kyle moved to Nashville in 2013 from Pekin, IL. SmART! was a perfect fit for Kyle as he is an avid craft maker and lover of the arts. His background is in retail, spending 3 years as a Sales Lead at Bath & Body Works. 

Kyle's top 5 favorite things include Taylor Swift, boat rides (water), burritos, Diet Coke, and dolphins. Did we mention Taylor Swift? He is a travel connoisseur and a lover of Country Music.  


Tyrone, DianNa, and Michael

Retail Team

Our retail team is the best in the business! Tyrone, Dianna, and Michael process donations, assist customers, organize the sales floor, clean the store, and keep a smile on our faces. The whole team likes to dance and they LOVE to give each other a hard time.