My name is Retha Driver.  In May of 2013 I began sewing little girl’s dresses for the non-profit charity Dress a Girl Around the World.  Their belief is that every little girl deserves at least one new dress.  The dresses are sent through ambassadors to 82 other countries as well as to locations here in the United States.

On September 1st, I completed dress number 1000.  Some of the dresses are made from a child’s t-shirt with a fabric skirt attached and some are fabric sundresses.  SmART! Supplies off 8th Avenue has been my source for cotton material since I first heard about the shop and God bless them.  They sell donated art and craft materials and I could not have accomplished my goal without this very affordable resource.

I buy t-shirts at discount stores and have been aided by several good friends who have donated material.  I have received a few cash donations which have been used to defray the shipping cost of the dresses I send to my ambassador in Georgia.

If you are looking for a sewing project for yourself or for a group, go to for information about the organization as well as patterns and pictures. Below are a few pictures of my dresses.  Dress 999 and 1000 are modeled by my friend Leah.