When shopping at SmART, you'll find everything from Art Books to Zippers. (Want first dibs on our newest stock?! Be sure to check out our New Arrivals Gallery)
On any given day, you may find all the items listed below... and more!

ART SUPPLIES - Paint, brushes, glue, chalk, ink, carving tools, stencils, transfer letters, crayons, markers, rulers, clay, glue guns, canvas (blank and used), yard sticks/rulers

CRAFT SUPPLIES - Pipe cleaners, craft foam, pom poms, clothes pins, glitter, doll supplies, marbles, game and puzzle pieces, silk flowers, wine corks, baskets, costume jewelry, thumb tacks, styrofoam balls, wreath forms, macrame cord, kits, wooden thread spools, clothing patches, stained glass scraps

COLLAGE & SCRAPBOOKING - Stickers, scrapbook paper, embellishments, punches, rubber stamps, stamp pads, maps, postage stamps, photographs

CONTAINERS - Small jars( baby food, etc.), tins, jewelry boxes, paper shopping bags, plastic crates, cigar boxes, Rubbermaid type bins, small plastic containers

FABRIC AND NOTIONS - Fabric, zippers, buttons, beads, jewelry making materials, thread, sewing supplies, sewing tools, ribbon, Velcro, leather, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks

GIFT WRAP & PARTY SUPPLIES - Wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue, greeting cards(new and used), party decorations, ribbon, bows, balloons

MAT BOARD, FRAMING, SIGN MAKING - Mat board, frames, Plexiglas, sign board, photo albums, foam core, framing tools

MEDIA/TECH - Records, film canisters, slides, negatives, x-rays, floppy disks, vintage typewriters, vintage photos

METAL - Bottle caps, tins, ornate metal fixtures (hooks, doorknobs, etc.), non-coated wire, soda can tabs, sheet metal, candy tin, screws, nails, keys, bicycle parts, silverware, cake and jello molds, cookie cutters, license plates, mattress/metal springs, vintage birdcages, wire coat hangers, steam gears

PAPER - Copy paper, card stock, art paper, construction paper, scrapbook paper, poster board, paper sample books, blueprints, sturdy cardboard tubes, atlas/maps

INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES - Old pane windows, knobs, upholstery tacks, cabinet hardware, decorative rocks/marbles

MISC – sheets of cork, sunglasses, reading glasses, board games, puzzles, baskets, costume jewelry, watches, guitar strings and picks, piano keys, sheet music, gardening and landscaping tools, mannequins and/or parts, globes, light bulbs, drum sticks, egg cartons, ping pong/golf balls, sea shells, clock faces, mirrors, terracotta pots